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Car Display Ramps

We carry a selection of vehicle promotion car display ramps and rotating vehicle displays. Our ramps and car turntables are the perfect solution for auto dealers looking to display cars, trucks, and SUVS on their lot. Ramps and rotating displays are a great method of defining your property. Try placing one ramp at each corner of your lot for a huge impact. Many eye-catching configurations are possible by combining our selection of car ramps and rotating displays.

Box Horizontal Ramps


Alpine Display Ramps

Box Horizontal Car Display Ramps   Alpine Display Ramps
  • Our most popular car ramp!
  • Length: 13'6"
  • Weight: 589 lbs.
  • Load: All cars & pickups
24" Box Horizontal Ramp: $2,554.00
30" Box Horizontal Ramp: $2,614.00
36" Box Horizontal Ramp: $2,794.00
48" Box Horizontal Ramp: $3,147.00
  • Alpine display ramps create a visually stimulating presence in any location or arrangement.
  • Length: 11'10"
  • Weight: 587 lbs.
  • Load: All Trucks & Cars (Ideal for SUVs)
48" Alpine Ramp: $2,614.00
60" Alpine Ramp: $2,674.00

Sidewinder Ramps

Faux Rock Surround With Car Ramps

Sidewinder Display Ramps Faux Rock Car Ramp
  • Sidewinder ramps offer a truly unique and dramatic, action oriented display
  • Length: 13'6"
  • Height: 36" high side; 24" low side
  • Weight: 570 lbs.
  • Load: Cars & SUVs
Price: $2,674.00
  • Our faux rock surrounds are constructed from a patented Urethane Rock System. Our unique process produces a high quality artificial rock by utilizing a structural polyurethane composite and coloring system.
  • Our Rock Surround Displays are considerably lighter than fiberglass yet maintain the strong impact resistant qualities of fiberglass while being environmentally friendly (contains soy base ingredients and has zero VOC's).
  • This rock surround kit includes one Sidewinder ramp.
Price: $10,660.00

Our car ramps are an inexpensive way to attract attention to your car dealership or promotional campaign. In addition to displaying vehicles, our automotive ramps are the perfect solution for boat dealers looking to display their boats on boat ramps, marketing companies looking to create an eye catching display at outdoor events or at conventions, theme parks, and farmers who need ramps for tractor maintenance in the agricultural industry.